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Filling an obvious void, this publication aims to highlight Asian talent, trends and ideas that educate the misconceptions of what it means to be Asian. Access the website here.


Beauty for all: the power of halal makeup

Makeup has a powerful way of making people feel beautiful. Halal makeup is allowing Muslim women to feel their best, without a sense of worry.

“Don’t touch me, I’m going to get black”

In many Asian cultures, fair skin is still considered beautiful. So, what happens if you’re naturally born with a darker hue? Three women share their experiences with colourism.

Are samosas the next Jamaican patty?

See ya, patties. Samosas are on their way to winning over the hearts—and stomachs—of all Torontonians.


Little Asia's back-to-school stationery essentials

Taste and Tour: The Best Samosas in Toronto 

Taste and Tour: The Alley

Taste and Tour:Cafe Bora

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